We Cultivate Better

Through five generations of leadership in the industry, we鈥檝e created a collaborative culture where honorably sourced ingredients and strong relationships contribute to expertly crafted, high-quality chocolate. It鈥檚 something we鈥檝e done since 1868.
Committed to Agroforesty

We鈥檝e joined forces with other industry members to tackle deforestation and ensure the protection and restoration of forests for a thriving cocoa community.

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The Flavor
Guittard protects the quality, taste, and integrity of chocolate. We鈥檙e dedicated to the future of cacao and the art and craft of chocolate making through honorable sourcing, uncompromising standards, and proprietary techniques.


The Craft
Guittard is a leader in the industry through strict sourcing and buying standards as well as visioning, creating, and implementing long-term, positive change within the cocoa and chocolate industries.


Good Business
Guittard creates strong, trusted, respectful relationships with farmers, employees, and customers. We cultivate positive connections throughout our supply chain and at every stage of the process.

Expert Crafting

Our innovative spirit shines through in our day-to-day operations鈥攁 hands-on approach to crafting new blends while using heritage techniques and original recipes鈥攁ll with the goal of honoring the full flavors of the cacao we鈥檝e sourced.